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Black Meta Fest: Juneteenth 157, is a 2 day educational and social festival exploring Black creativity, history, and freedom within the Metaverse. Below is the complete program with links to participate. 
Event Dates: June 18 & 19, 2022

Segment: Freedom to Learn-The Afrofuturism Experience

Time: 7am-9am PST/10am-12pm FREE Educational Workshops 

Keynote Facilitators: William Jackson & Aida Correa-Jackson


Description: The educational workshop segment will feature the creation of digital NFT art and crypto wallets as well as knowledge building conversation on topics such as metaverse spaces and cyber safety. A special highlight will include a youth curated Digital Art work “FREEDOM” virtual gallery

Streaming LINK: Click HERE at time of event

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Segment: Freedom to Prosper-Books on the Blockchain 
Time:11am PST/ 1pm-3pm EST
Keynote Facilitators: Olivia Almagro (Author-The Fortunate Fall), Bonita Oliver (Multidisciplinary Creator), Coriandre Lawrence ( Author- Divine Rights)

Description: The event will focus on the evolution of minting books on the blockchain. A step-by -step walk-through of the process will occur in real time using bonus material from the crime thriller The Fortunate Fall, authored by Olivia Almagro. You will also be invited to a future session where The Fortunate Fall will be minted live!
Stream/Participation LINK: Click HERE at time of event


Segment:Freedom to Build-World Building Contest
Time: 12pm-2pm PST/3pm-5pm EST
Keynote Facilitators: Adorable Jasmine and Glenda Giles

Description: This session will familiarize prospective contest participants with AtlSpace VR and its building tools/capabilities. The purpose of this contest is to give the participants the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to build out their own world.
Stream/Participation LINK: Join event Clubhouse at HERE event time
AltSpace VR World Code:JFI465


Segment: Freedom to Create-Soul Rebel NFT Documentary
Time:3pm-5pm PST/6pm-8pm EST
Keynote Facilitators: Ken Egu

Description: Introducing The Soul Rebel NFT Project. It is one of many projects that is projected to build a bridge across the African diaspora in art, media and technology. The segment will highlight the Mara smartphone, the first smartphone made on the continent of Africa, as part of the project's utility. The mission of the Soul Rebel NFT Project is to Introduce art and technologies from the African diaspora in order to create the influx of black and brown people into web3 through our documentary.
Stream/Participation LINK: Click HERE at time of event


Segment:Freedom in Expression- Carnegie Hall Presents All American Freedom Day Concert: Reimagining Togetherness 
Time: 4pm-6pm PST-7pm-9pm EST

Description: Our community and the nation need an uplifting experience of being together in unity and love to lend hope during a season so fraught with division and incivility. For concert breakdown click HERE
Stream/Participation LINK: Click HERE at time of event


Segment: Discovering Freedom - Former Crip Member St. Louis Silk in His Own Words-One on One Conversation and Documentary Debut
Time: 5pm-7pm PST-8pm-10pm EST
Keynote Facilitators: Stefan Youngblood (Black Metaverse, CEO), LaSha Herring (Black Metaverse, COO) and St. Louis Silk

Director Ryan Givins with his new Docuseries "That Look" will take you deep into the mind of ST LOUIS SILK in another epic episode. Silk is a former drug addict, crip, and robber that changed his life for the better. Join us as we have a discussion with St. Louis Silk about the documentary and his transformative journey to discovering FREEDOM.
Stream/Participation LINK: Click HERE at time of event

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